Lyopor Customization

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Lyopor Customization

The basic variants of 3D scaffold LYOPOR can be modified according to the needs of the client application.


Matrix Code 2nd component Code Basic additive Code Bioactive additive Code Drug Code
collagen C none P none 0 none 0 none 0
gelatin G hydroxyapatite H oxidized cellulose 1 growth factor TGF 1 Vancomycin 1
carboxymethyl cellulose L β-tricalcium phosphate B hyaluronic acid 2 growth factor BMP 2 Gentamycin 2
oxidized cellulose O hyaluronic acid Y chitosan 3 growth factor FGF2 3 Vancomycin + Gentamycin 3
chitosan T oxidized cellulose O alginate 4 platelet rich plasma 4    
    chitosan T carboxymethyl cellulose 5 blood platelet lysate 5    
    alginate A           
carboxymethyl cellulose L


Coding examples:
collagen: LYOPOR CP000
collagen/HAP: LYOPOR CH000
collagen/β-TCF: LYOPOR CB000
collagen/HAP/CMC: LYOPOR CH500
collagen/HA/PRP:LYOPOR CY040
collagen/HAP/HA/BPL/Vancomycin + Gentamycin:LYOPOR CH253



hyaluronic acidHA
β-tricalcium phosphateβ-TCF
poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)PLGA
polyethylene glycolPEG
tissue growth factorTGF
bone morphogenetic proteinsBMP
fibroblast growth factorsFGF2
carboxymethyl celluloseCMC
platelet rich plasmaPRP
blood platelet lysateBPL