Lyopor Customization

Lyopor x Customized

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Lyopor can be modified by different additives.

Matrix Code   2nd component Code   Basic additive Code   Bioactive additive Code   Drug Code
collagen C   none P   none 0   none 0   none 0
gelatin G   hydroxyapatite H   oxidized cellulose 1   growth factor TGF 1   Vancomycin 1
carboxymethyl cellulose L   β-tricalcium phosphate B   hyaluronic acid 2   growth factor BMP 2   Gentamycin 2
oxidized cellulose O   hyaluronic acid Y   chitosan 3   growth factor FGF2 3   Vancomycin + Gentamycin 3
chitosan T   oxidized cellulose O   alginate 4   platelet rich plasma 4      
      chitosan T   carboxymethyl cellulose 5   blood platelet lysate 5      
      alginate A                  
      PLGA/PEG E                  
      carboxymethyl cellulose L                  
Coding examples:        
collagen:   LYOPOR   CP000
collagen/HAP:   LYOPOR   CH000
collagen/β-TCF:   LYOPOR   CB000
collagen/HAP/CMC:   LYOPOR   CH500
collagen/HA/PRP:   LYOPOR   CY040
collagen/HAP/HA/BPL/Vancomycin + Gentamycin:   LYOPOR   CH253
hydroxyapatite   HAP
hyaluronic acid   HA
β-tricalcium phosphate   β-TCF
poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)   PLGA
polyethylene glycol   PEG
tissue growth factor   TGF
bone morphogenetic proteins   BMP
fibroblast growth factors   FGF2
carboxymethyl cellulose   CMC
platelet rich plasma   PRP
blood platelet lysate   BPL

Lyopor x Customized

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Lyopor is ready to use collagen bio-mimicking 3D scaffold for real 3D cell cultivation.

New product series

LYOPOR is 3D porous cell substrate, whose base consists of collagen type I suitable for testing the behavior of a wide range of cells in their natural 3D environment mimicking extracellular matrix.

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